Dave at Stinchcomb Concert Series 2019

Guitar solo time at Chardon Maple Festival.

The Swamp Rattlers at Redhawk Grille, 2015.

The Swamp Rattlers

The Swamp Rattlers performing at Chardon Square, 2018.

Swamp Rattlers guest Dan on Sax 2016.

Bill on Bass 2016

Dave on drums...Spring Hill Winery, 2018.

Paul & special guest  "little bluesman"  at Spring Hill Winery 2015.

The Swamp Rattlers at Deer's Leap Winery 2016.

John on Drums, 2017

The Swamp Rattlers with special guest Maria. Saybrook Twp., Park 2017.

Paul & Bill rockin' at The Old Mill Winery 2015.

Solo Blues time...Friends of the Crooked River, 2018.

The Swamp Rattlers at The Old Mill Winery

Jan. 2017

Rattlers at GAR Hall, Peninsula Ohio.  2019.

The Rattlers rockin' & dancing Spring Hill Winery, 2018.

The Swamp Rattlers at Saybrook Twp., Park 2017.