April 19: Solo acoustic blues for Friends of the Crooked River


May 14: at the Old Firehouse Winery, Geneva-on-the-Lake

                    (play 6-10pm)


June 5: at the Old Firehouse Winery, Geneva-on-the-Lake

                 (play 6-10pm)

June 29:  atSaybrook Twp. Park


July 2: at theOld Firehouse Winery, Geneva-on-the-Lake

                (play 6-10pm)

July 13:at West Geauga Kiwanis Club Summer Concert

                   Series at Chester Twp. Park(Play 7-9)

July 14: at Madison Village Summer Concerts (7-9pm)

July 23: Private Party

July 27: at Perry Twp. Park(Play 7-9)

July 29: at Penitentiary Glen Concert Series in Lake

                   Metroparks (Play 7-8:30)


August 10:atCity of Painesville Concert in the Park  in  

                          Painesville Square (Play 6-8) 

August 13: at Cleveland Metroparks' Backyard Nature Bash 

                           at West Creek Reservation, Parma, Ohio.

August 16: at Geneva Township Park (Play 7-9)

August 28: at the Old Firehouse Winery, Geneva-on-the-Lake

                         (play 6-10pm)


September 9: at theOld Firehouse Winery, Geneva-on-the-Lake (play 6-10pm)

September 24: Private event (KOA Campground)


October 29: Halloween Party at Rock Creek VFW Hall


February 3: at  the Look About Lodge Fireside Concert

                           Series in the Cleveland Metroparks (Play 7-8)

Some of our Past Shows:
June 8, 2021: at Geneva Twp. Park (Geneva-on-the- Lake)
June 11, 2021: at Old Firehouse Winery 
June 26, 2021: Private event (1-3pm)
June 26, 2021: at Old Firehouse Winery 
June 30, 2021: Saybrook Twp. Park 
July 2, 2021: at Old Firehouse Winery
July 14th, 2021: at Orwell Township Park
July 17th, 2021: at The Chagrin Tavern
July 23, 2021: at Private Event
July 29, 2021: at Madison Village Concert in the Park
​August 7, 2021: at Old Firehouse Winery 
August 11, 2021: at Perry Township Park  
August 14, 2021: at Cleveland Metropark's Backyard  Nature Bash,
August 15, 2021: at the Chagrin Tavern
September 4, 2021: at Old Firehouse Winery
September 5, 2021: at The Great Geauga County Fair
January 25, 2020 at  the Old Mill Winery 
Ferbuary 15, 2020 at  the Old Mill Winery
February 28, 2020 Acoustic blues at Cleveland  Metroparks Look-about-Lodge     
August 6, 2020 at the Madison Village Concert in the Park 
January 5, 2019 a Duo Acoustic Blues Show at Kosicek  Vineyards​​​
February 1, 2019 at the Old Mill Winery 
April 16 , 2019 Solo Acoustic Blues at FOCR: River Rat Revelry
April 26, 2019 at the Old Mill Winery
​April 27, 2019 a Duo Acoustic Blues Show at Kosicek Vineyards
​May 17, 2019  at the Water Street Tavern​ 
May 18, 2019 at the G.A.R. Hall in Peninsula for  Cuyahoga River Day  
June 7, 2019 at the Old Mill Winery in Geneva 
June 14, 2019 at the Old Firehouse Winery 
June 18, 2019 at the Geneva Township Park Summer  Concert Series
June 21, 2019 an  Acoustic Blues Trio Show at Kosicek Vineyards 
July 11, 2019 at the Madison Village Concert in the Park 
July 13, 2019  an  Acoustic Blues Trio Show at Kosicek Vineyards
July 24, 2019 at the Cleveland Metro Parks 
July 26, 2019 at the Old Firehouse Winery
July 27, 2019 at a private party event
August 2, 2019 at the Vintage Ohio Wine Festival​, Lake Metroparks
August 4, 2019 at the Geauga Park District Nature Arts  Festival 
August 9, 2019 at the Old Firehouse Winery 
August 10, 2019 at The Raccoon County Music Festival
​August 17, 2019 at Cleveland Metropark's BioDiversity Bash:
August 21, 2019 at Perry Township Park 
August 24, 2019 at Presque Isle Downs & Casino
​August 31, 2019 at The Great Geauga County Fair 
September 8, 2019 at the Old Firehouse Winery 
September 13, 2019 at the Old Mill Winery 
September 28, 2019  at Kosicek Vineyards 
November 1, 2019 at the Old Mill Winery 
The Swamp Rattlers

Some Previous Show Locations:

Beachland Ballroom (Main Stage & Tavern)

Chardon Square Summer Concerts in the Park

​Deer's Leap Winery

The Old Mill Winery

​Red Hawk Grille

The Geauga County Maple Festival

​The Winery at Spring Hill

​The Great Geauga County Fair

Cabana Island Restaurant

John Carroll University: Ride For Miles

Cleveland Metroparks

Greater Cleveland Aquarium

Barking Spider Tavern, Cleveland

Kenisee  Lake RV Campground

Orwell Twp. Park Summer Concerts

Munson Twp. Park Summer Concerts

Oberlin Summer Concerts

Cebar's  Madison Tavern

Chardon Brew Works

Grand River Manor